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Kaiser Acupuncturists in California (CA)

Lincoln Jose Fraga, Acupuncturist  in Lakewood
“Welcome to Safe, Pain Free and Effective Acupuncture at 5220 Clark ave., Lakewood. I am successful in treating a wide variety of conditions From pain management to anxiety to insomnia. Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have about acupuncture or alternate treatment therapies . I look forward to meeting your health and wellness needs. FREE CONSULTATIONS ,English and Spanish Fluent
(562) 846-4399
Lakewood, California 90712
“Lily Li, LAc, grew up in a family with long history of traditional Chinese medicine practice. I was trained in both Western and Chinese medicines and therefore has integrated knowledge of both sides. I worked in a teaching hospital in one of prominent universities in China. I also worked in Cedars-Sinai Medical Center and Keck School of Medicine, University of Southern California for many years. I am licensed by California Acupuncture Board and currently on the director board of the organizationCalifornia Alliance of Acupuncture Medicine (CAAM) .
(562) 449-3565
Whittier, California 90601
Elisabeth (Lili) Gould, Acupuncturist  in San Diego
“I am a sports medicine acupuncture and orthopedic specialist. I treat all kinds of pain whether from a sports injury or from a desk job. Having completed extensive training in sports medicine acupuncture, I have a detailed knowledge of anatomy and the way the body works, which is what makes my expertise unique in the field of alternative medicine. Some of the most common types of pain I treat include low back pain, neck pain, joint pain, ligament sprains, tendonitis, headaches and migraines. I enjoy treating a wide range of patients from professional and Olympic athletes to weekend warriors and those with chronic pain.
(619) 663-4934
San Diego, California 92110
Eyton J. Shalom, Acupuncturist  in San Diego
“I have 20 years experience specializing in the treatment of neck, shoulder, and back pain with Acupuncture and Nutritional Medicine. I love treating any kind of pain condition. I also really enjoy treating digestive, respiratory, auto-immune, infectious, Women's health, and Mental Health issues with a combo of Acu, Ayurveda, Nutrition, and Chinese Herbs. My dedication is to getting to the root of your disorder, and healing it from the inside out. Thanks for examining my profile!
(619) 632-4172
San Diego, California 92104
Myung Ho Hyun, Acupuncturist  in Gardena
“I have so many experiences in physical therapy and I help the patients to recover their disease. in addition, since l understand the patient, I am trying to do my best to help them.
(213) 634-4446
Gardena, California 90247
Alison Shannon Reid Bretell, Acupuncturist  in Encinitas
“In my professional experience as an acupuncturist I have had the privilege of getting to know some really wonderful people. Each patient brings their unique health challenges which provide us both with the opportunity to learn what it means to be truly ALIVE! While no one wants to experience pain or illness, at some time or another we each may have a need for care or to be cared for. This is the best time to make smart choices for your health. Whether you have a simple ache or pain or something much more complex, I'm confident acupuncture can help.
(760) 332-8998
Encinitas, California 92024
Toru Kodama, Acupuncturist  in Palm Springs
“I have been practicing acupuncture for 12 years in Japan and California with focusing on Men's Health (prostate issue, impotence, sexual dysfunction), Stress reduction (anxiety, depression, insomnia, broken heart), and Pain (headache, TMJ, arthritis, neck-back-knees, sciatica, neuropathy, gout). My goal is to assist patients to improve their quality of life with the gentle and effective Japanese style acupuncture. My style of acupuncture approaches each case with enthusiasm and varied experiences studied with Japanese masters.
(760) 530-4742
Palm Springs, California 92262
Wei Jing, Acupuncturist  in Lake Forest
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Acupuncturist, LAc, OMD, DiplAC
““My acupuncture practice specializes in promoting health and well being, preventing illness and treating many medical conditions including digestive, respiratory and neurological. I have been practicing Traditional Chinese Medicine along with Western medicine for over 25 years. My unique technique enables me to provide immediate relief of pain. I am an expert in treating Anxiety, Arthritis, Bells Palsy, Bronchitis, Indigestion, Insomnia, Irregular Menstruation, Headache, High Cholesterol, Menopause, Post-Operation Pain, Sinusitis, & Stroke Recovery.
(949) 342-5987
Lake Forest, California 92630
Jay Ryu, Acupuncturist  in Burbank
“I specialize in infertility, allergies, pain management, asthma, and auto immune disease. Please take a moment to look at my clinic profile on for excellent patient reviews!
(818) 287-7268
Burbank, California 91505
Union Acupuncture Clinic, Acupuncturist  in Lake Elsinore
“"Personalized Care" is my practice motto. Personal attention is provided for your best clinical results. Balancing yin and yang in harmony in the body is the key pre- requisite for maintaining your daily health in Oriental Medicine. Acupuncture promotes well- balanced Qi (energy) flow to relieve pain symptoms and to strengthen the over all body function. As an inventor of both U.S. Design Patent on an acupuncture needle and five U.S.Patents on human in-vitro diagnostic therapeutic and drugs of abuse tests, I have experience in both Western and Oriental Medicine fields to serve you better.
(951) 309-2681
Lake Elsinore, California 92530
Jill Hutchinson, Acupuncturist  in San Francisco
“My focus is that of treating the whole body. Integrating many aspects of Chinese medicine, my goal is to achieve the most optimal results. I see a wide range of conditions, from HIV and Hepatitis C co-infection, women's health and reproductive issues, allergies and asthma to all types of pain issues. I specialize in using acupuncture to balance the body, and calm the mind. I find that often someone will come to me about a specific pain complaint and after a few treatments report that the pain is resolved in addition to sleeping better or feeling less stressed.
(415) 639-9046
San Francisco, California 94102
Dr. Kim Acupuncture Herb Clinic, Acupuncturist  in Highland
“Dr. Kim will find your symptoms and root problems and will inform you the precise diagnosis to your illness. I am eagerly looking to helping and treating your chronic illness. Pain management, sports injuries and orthopedics. Sciatica, Back pain, Shoulder pain and Fibromyalgia.
(909) 726-7537
Highland, California 92346
Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture Healing Center, Acupuncturist  in Cupertino
“If you are thinking about trying acupuncture, you are in good company. Not only has acupuncture been used as a mainstream therapy for thousand of years in China, but recently it has been attracting many Westerners too. Millions of people in the United States alone have tried acupuncture to relieve pain that just won't quit. Many others have tried it as a way to avoid surgery or drugs -- and to avoid their nasty side effects. Welcome to Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture Healing Center If you are thinking about trying acupuncture, you are in good company.
(408) 337-2968
Cupertino, California 95014
Marque Acupuncture, Acupuncturist  in Canoga Park
“We offer Acupuncture for pain management, well being and everything in between. Our goal: To provide patients with a friendly and welcoming environment where healing can take place. We provide acupuncture and other traditional modalities (cupping, moxabustion,..), massage therapy, Reiki and nutritional consultation. Simple aches to more chronic conditions we can help. We provide acupuncture services to CanogaPark, WoodlandHills, WestHills, Tarzana, Reseda, ect... . With services focusing on pain management, patient health and well being. Please call or visit us at so we can answer any questions you may have about Acupuncture or how it may benefit you.
(818) 920-8936
Canoga Park, California 91303
Alexander Ezzati, Acupuncturist  in Encino
“BALANCE WITHIN is one of the leading alternative pain management clinics in the san fernando valley. Specializing in Migraine pain, head aches, sports injuries, accidents, vertigo/ dizziness or just every day bodily aches and pains. We also offer treatments for sexual disfunction or reproductive and infertility issues. We strive to treat these issues without the use of medication but rather treating these ailments by facilitating the healing process with acupuncture and traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine. Moreover, we incorporate nutritional counseling, stretching and exercise into our treatments to offer our patients the highest level of care.
(818) 962-4117
Encino, California 91436
Yoo Park, Acupuncturist  in Westlake Village
“You may have had your problem for years and never addressed it; or you maybe just tired of not having any answers. We treat not just your problem, but, the whole person in a unique way. That is the philosophy behind Cozy Acupuncture Clinic.
(818) 381-5589
Westlake Village, California 91362
Acupuncture & Wellness Clinic of Jonathan Breslow, Acupuncturist  in Camarillo
“We welcome patients desiring a substantial health improvement, free from dependence on treatments that temporarily relieve or suppress symptoms, who are tired of suffering with limitation and reduced quality of life. We welcome unresolved cases that have not responded satisfactorily. We welcome patients who desire to be educated and involved in their healing process. Deeply curative results are realized in a phenomenally wide range of diseases. This Clinic has a high success rate with Autoimmune diseases, all kinds of Orthopedic conditions, Fibromyalgia, Autism, Prenatal trauma based illnesses, Psychological imbalances, Women's health, Prevention & reversal of Aging, and much more.
(805) 383-0318
Camarillo, California 93010
Marie Yee, Acupuncturist  in Long Beach
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Acupuncturist, LAc, OMD, PhD
“I practice ''Physio-Kinetics'' (a combination of Acupuncture, Herbal Medicine, Enhanced Breathing, Diet Analysis, and Kinetic Movements) which greatly achieves PAIN RELIEF, Improved Mobility, and a ''Burst of ENERGY!''
(562) 396-4945
Long Beach, California 90807
Jui Lien Chen, Acupuncturist  in West Covina
“Pursuing the health and balance of the body,mind,and soul,has always been one of the ultimate goals of our lives. Hwa Ann Wellness performs the natural therapy of Chinese medicine and helps clients to a better quality of life by providing appropriate treatments and adjustments.
(714) 515-3652
West Covina, California 91790
Abel Kwan, Acupuncturist  in Thousand Oaks
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Acupuncturist, DAOM, PhD, LAc
“I had been practicing in Medicine for 50 years and my principle of practice are: 1. Do no harm - Support the healing systems inherent in the body and mind by using methods, medicines and techniques that are in harmony with natural processes. 2. Identify the causes of illness- the underlying cause often in aspects of the lifestyle, diet or habits of the individual. 3. Treat the whole person - View the body as an integrated whole in all its physical and spiritual dimensions. 4. Heal naturally - Trust in the body's inherent wisdom to heal itself. Preference for noninvasive treatments minimizing the risks of side effects.
(805) 250-4557
Thousand Oaks, California 91360
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Kaiser Acupuncturists
If you have health insurance coverage with Kaiser, or you're looking for Kaiser Acupuncturists in California (CA) (or California (CA) Acupuncturists who accept Kaiser), please contact these Acupuncturists and confirm that they are either in-network with Kaiser are or can help you with your Kaiser coverage.

Acupuncture in California (CA) - is it right for me?
Acupuncture is based on the concepts of oriental medicine or traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) and is one of the oldest healing practices in the world. California (CA) acupuncturists are health care professionals who evaluate and treat the many conditions, aches and pains that respond to acupuncture.

Acupuncturists insert very fine acupuncture needles into a number of trigger points on your body. The purpose of the needles is to stimulate acupuncture points or meridians. The needles do not inject any substance into your body and are so fine as to be virtually impossible to feel. In some cases, acupuncture may be accompanied by electrical stimulation or the burning of moxa, a form of heat therapy. Or use acupressure, where physical pressure is applied by hand or elbow to trigger points with the aim of clearing blockages in these meridians.

'Accupuncture' and 'Accupuncturist' are common mis-spellings.