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Japanese Acupuncture Acupuncturists in Florida (FL)

The Banyan Holistic Healthcare Center, Acupuncturist  in Miami
“Welcome to the Banyan, Holistic Healthcare with YOU in mind. Do you have PAIN, STRESS, or HEALTH ISSUES? Our experts use coordinated Acupuncture, Massage, and Hypno therapies to help you solve those problems. Conveniently located in both Pinecrest and Miami Lakes, our solutions are provided in a relaxing, spa-like atmosphere. CALL or EMAIL NOW and register for a FREE orientation session!
Japanese Acupuncture
(305) 290-4821
Miami, Florida 33143
Justin Newman, Acupuncturist  in Miami
“Welcome to the Banyan, Holistic Healthcare with you in mind. Our experts for PAIN and STRESS RELIEF use co-ordinated Acupuncture, Massage, and Hypno therapies. Conveniently located in Pinecrest and Miami Lakes, our solutions are provided in a relaxing, spa-like atmosphere. Find out more in a FREE orientation session.
Japanese Acupuncture
(305) 767-7680
Miami, Florida 33143
Jessica Guerra, Acupuncturist  in Port Charlotte
“Jessica has extensive experience in treating patients with acute & chronic pain conditions, neurological disorders, autoimmune disorders, allergy & sinus conditions, insomnia, and anxiety. She has moderate experience, but thorough education, in treating many other diseases and disorders, so it's best to call and schedule a consultation to see if you're conditions are something she can assist you with. Jessica's ideal patient is one who desires to live a healthy and optimistic lifestyle. She enjoys helping patients who want to get better, who know there is hope! Jessica strives to achieve and maintain optimal health for her patients!
Japanese Acupuncture
(941) 757-8234
East Lake Acupuncture & Wellness, Acupuncturist  in Saint Cloud
“Have you ever felt as if you had an undiagnosed health condition or felt as if there are " a hundred" things wrong with you? It's possible you're simply out balance and more likely there are only a few things wrong with multiple symptoms. Whether it's pain, stress, fatigue, headaches, digestive problems, insomnia, anxiety, skin problems or all of the above, we can work with you to help restore balance and can usually have you feeling better in just a few days.
Japanese Acupuncture
(407) 374-0685
Saint Cloud, Florida 34769
Yelena Pakula, Acupuncturist  in Southwest Ranches
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Acupuncturist, AP, MD(RF), DOM
“I'm a DAOM (Doctor of Oriental medicine) specializing in neurology, pain management women's health, including infertility, IVF support, I have successfully treated so-called "hopeless cases" in which clients have been diagnosed with unexplained infertility. **I am offer acupuncture, herbs, homeopathy, injection therapy,anti-aging, massage therapy and more. My staff of medical professionals treat many different health conditions using an integrated medical approach. Founded by clinicians who had a vision for a unique healing environment. Serving greater Fort Lauderdale,Southwest Ranches, Davie, Cooper City,Hollywood, Weston, Pembroke Pines, and Plantation I am NCCAOM certified '
Japanese Acupuncture
(954) 880-0090
Alexander J Hou, Acupuncturist  in Orlando
“Call us today for your FREE CONSULTATION! JP Hou Institute Established since 1983. Dr. Alex Hou, MS, DOM, AP, graduated with a Master of Science degree from Florida College of Integrative Medicine earning his Doctor of Oriental Medicine and Acupuncture Physician designation in the state of Florida. He is a member of the Florida State Oriental Medical Association. As a 3rd Generation Acupuncturist, he has learned to appreciate both traditional medicine and Western medicine, which can enhance the treatment effectiveness in patients.
Japanese Acupuncture
(407) 269-8881
Orlando, Florida 32803
Iqlia Hungerford, Acupuncturist  in Ocala
“Are you having trouble getting an accurate diagnosis of your symptoms? Do you want to eliminate the cause of your health problems? Most of my patients are very happy to Finally get some real answers instead of an obscure "label" that merely describes their condition. After 15 years of practicing medicine, I have developed excellent diagnostic & treatment skills. I feel confident that I can treat most medical problems presented to me because I practice Internal Medicine. I could be the physician you've been looking for! Please visit my website at
Japanese Acupuncture
(352) 414-1051
Ocala, Florida 34474
Bonnie Mclean, Acupuncturist  in Gulf Breeze
“I enjoy working with people who like to work in partnership toward their health goals. They are interested and willing to empower themselves with their health on all levels: body, mind, and spirit. They understand that their bodies heal themselves and that, even though a method like acupuncture can kick start and facilitate this process, they are their own healers. They also understand that this process is usually incremental and may take some time. They want to participate in planning their own healing program. They are also willing to seek and receive help when they are in crisis.
Japanese Acupuncture
(850) 696-0167
Gulf Breeze, Florida 32561
Michelle J. Alley, Acupuncturist  in Altamonte Springs
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Acupuncturist, MS, DiplAc, NCCAOM, AP, LMT
“Best Acupuncture Orlando A-List 2013 INSURANCE ACCEPTED/ IN NETWORK 20+ YEARS EXPERIENCE! EFFECTIVE PAIN RELIEF! TRAINED IN UNITED STATES and JAPAN. Michelle, an avid practitioner of Yoga, Vedic Bodywork and Instructor of the Yogic Arts, gently combines techniques of acupuncture, herbal medicine, homeopathy, and massage therapy, with a deep devotion to assist individuals on their journey to health!
Japanese Acupuncture
(407) 501-8362
Christina M Casado, Acupuncturist  in Miami
“Hello, I'm Christina and as your acupuncture physician I can help you with various conditions that Chinese and Oriental Medicine is particularly effective at treating including ailments such as: chronic and acute pain, trouble sleeping, immune system imbalances, digestive disorders, allergies, stress, anxiety, emotional balance, skin problems, gynecological function, and both male and female fertility.
Japanese Acupuncture
(305) 809-7812
Miami, Florida 33133
A Path to Wellness, Acupuncturist  in Saint Petersburg
“Are you looking for a physician who takes the time to listen, truly looking for a solution to the cause, not just masking the symptoms? If so, you are in the right place. After a thorough and informative exchange of information during intake, your needs will be evaluated and a path to wellness will be clearly designed for you, right from the start. Follow the path, and be well! * Dr. Jackson practices as a Doctor of Oriental Medicine/Acupuncture Physician in Florida (which does not license naturopaths).
Japanese Acupuncture
(727) 280-5661
Theresa Rizzo, Acupuncturist  in Gainesville
“Theresa Rizzo, A.P., Dipl. O.M.(NCCAOM), received her Acupuncture degree from Dragon Rises College of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine in 2002. Along with her Florida license as an Acupuncture Physician (AP1674), she is national board certified in both Acupuncture and Chinese Herbology. She has completed her Bachelor of Science degree in Natural Health. She studied Mayan medicine in Belize with Rosita Arvigo, a traditional healer, ethnobotanist, and Doctor of Naprapathy. While in Belize, she spent time making herbal medicines as tinctures and salves. Theresa has over 20 years experience as a nutritional Consultant.
Japanese Acupuncture
(352) 432-1693
Gainesville, Florida 32601
Mario Dube, Acupuncturist  in Lakewood Ranch
“Patient testimony: I am a 56 years old women who as suffered for more than 6 years with fibromyalgia. I have seen many doctors which have prescribed me diffrent drugs without any results. My quality of life has now improved at 80% since I have started seen Dr. Dube for care. I have stop taking any medications, I can now sleep well throughout the whole night and I feel more happy and enthusiastic about life. Thanks to Dr. Dube which was the person who treated me and have made me a happier mother and a better wife. - S. I., Ellenton, FL
Japanese Acupuncture
(941) 677-1040
Mario M Indiviglio, Acupuncturist  in West Palm Beach
“I have been providing in-home integrative medicine in South Florida for fifteen years. Although an acupuncturist by licensure, I usually integrate gentle manual therapy techniques such as CranioSacral Therapy into my treatments. These two modalities complement each other well and often produce optimal results. My patients' range from children with genetic disorders like Rett Syndrome, to adolescents with Cerebral Palsy and ADD, young women with infertility, and adults with Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue, Migraines, Depression, etc.
Japanese Acupuncture
(561) 287-3611
John Hou, Acupuncturist  in Orlando
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Acupuncturist, MS, DOM, AP
“FREE CONSULTATION! At J.P. Hou Institute, P.A., we believe in Traditional Natural Healing. Our goal is to help our patients regain their health by using acupuncture, other alternative medical procedures and modern techniques. We help our patients develop their own personal awareness of health. This may involve a lifestyle change, positive attitude, proper diet, daily exercise, stress reduction, and so on, along with a strong desire to get well. We help our patients re-establish a state of balance with life and once again live happily and healthfully. We offer multi-modality complementary medical care.
Japanese Acupuncture
(407) 378-3740
Orlando, Florida 32803
Andrea Murphy, Acupuncturist  in Stuart
“Andrea treats a wide variety of conditions with Acupuncture and Herbs, all based upon individual needs and practices non-needle techniques for those who are needle phobic. Andrea looks at the whole person, from lifestyle, nutrition, work, and exercise and spends quality time with each patient. She offers free consultation via phone or in person.
Japanese Acupuncture
(772) 801-0926
Stuart, Florida 34996
New Direction Natural Medicine, Acupuncturist  in Altamonte Springs
“If you are looking for a natural solution to your chronic health problems, look no further! At New Direction Natural Medicine, we focus on treating the WHOLE individual through an in-depth diagnosis and analysis of the patient's conditions to target the root cause of disease. We use a combination of acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine tailored specifically for each patient to address all aspects of their health. treat a wide variety of conditions including: digestive disorders, respiratory conditions, autoimmune disorders, anxiety, depression, acute and chronic pain, and complex diseases.
Japanese Acupuncture
(407) 705-3811
Barbara Thurman, Acupuncturist  in Stuart
“Barbara's treatments incorporate the practices of Traditional Chinese Medicine with Acupuncture, herbal remedies, diet, nutrition, exercise and massage into a holistic medical approach. Each patient is assessed individually and is continually monitored to assure that the best treatment protocol is being followed.
Japanese Acupuncture
(772) 646-4995
Stuart, Florida 34994
Claudia Chica, Acupuncturist  in Oviedo
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Acupuncturist, PT, DiplCH, DOM
“Claudia counts with 22+ yrs in the practice of Physical Rehabilitation and Oriental Medicine. For the past 11+ yrs, her belief in the powerful healing capabilities of the human body, and her passion for "Natural Healing" and"Integrative Medicine", have led her to combine highly effective and safe "Therapeutic approaches" that facilitate and modulate "Self-healing processes enhancing the patient's well being, harmony and vitality". Specializing in: - Proliferative / Regenerative Injection Therapy for Joints and Skin, Neural Therapy and Prolozone. - Brain, Visceral-Neuro-Vascular Manipulation, Cranio-Sacral Therapy / SER. - Gentle Toyohari / Shonishin (Pediatric) Japanese Acupuncture. - Physical Modalities (Ultrasound, Cavitation/Radiofrequency, Vacuum, Electrical Stimulation, Passive Gym)
Japanese Acupuncture
(407) 395-4839
Oviedo, Florida 32765
“The focus of my practice is internal medicine, with a specialty in women's health. However, acupuncture and herbal therapies successfully treat a wide variety of symptoms and illnesses, all of which are fundamental imbalances at their core. I use a combination of traditional acupuncture (to balance "vital energy") in conjunction with Western herbs and nutrition. I prefer Western herbs (vs. Chinese) for several reasons, not the least of which is quality control. I want to know exactly what I am dispensing to patients and at what dosage, therefore it is essential to provide pharmaceutical grade herbs and supplements.
Japanese Acupuncture
(352) 433-0497
Gainesville, Florida 32609

Japanese Acupuncture Acupuncturists
Japanese acupuncture is a form of acupuncture in which a practitioner uses touch to diagnose ailments and to find the exact location of the relevant acupuncture point. Once the correct points are located, the practitioner uses a guiding tube to shallowly insert very thin needles.

If you're looking for help with japanese acupuncture in Florida (FL) or for a Florida (FL) japanese acupuncturist these professionals provide japanese acupuncture, japanese acupressure, japanese electro acupuncture, japanese scalp acupuncture and japanese acupuncture treatment. They include japanese style acupuncture Florida (FL) professionals, japanese acupressure professionals, and japanese acupuncturists. They can help with japanese acupuncture, japanese electro acupuncture, japanese scalp acupuncture and other japanese acupuncture treatments.

Acupuncture in Florida (FL) - is it right for me?
Acupuncture is based on the concepts of oriental medicine or traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) and is one of the oldest healing practices in the world. Florida (FL) acupuncturists are health care professionals who evaluate and treat the many conditions, aches and pains that respond to acupuncture.

Acupuncturists insert very fine acupuncture needles into a number of trigger points on your body. The purpose of the needles is to stimulate acupuncture points or meridians. The needles do not inject any substance into your body and are so fine as to be virtually impossible to feel. In some cases, acupuncture may be accompanied by electrical stimulation or the burning of moxa, a form of heat therapy. Or use acupressure, where physical pressure is applied by hand or elbow to trigger points with the aim of clearing blockages in these meridians.

'Accupuncture' and 'Accupuncturist' are common mis-spellings.