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Acupuncturists in Massachusetts (MA)

David Eyerman, Acupuncturist  in Andover
“My goal as an acupuncturist is to help people come into better alignment within themselves and within their lives. I look at all aspects of a client's life to gain as large a perspective as possible on what is going on for them. In this way, I can best assist clients into a place of balance and health.
(978) 278-3021
Andover, Massachusetts 01810
Marta Martinez Tom, Acupuncturist  in Florence
“I am happiest working with people of all backgrounds. I enjoy treating pain and I especially enjoy dealing with stubborn and difficult cases. I find this type of integrative care stimulating and it allows me to combine Chinese herbal medicine with acupuncture and nutritional based medicine. For example, when my 6 month old dog, Rosie was diagnosed with irreversible Liver disease, I treated her with great success. I have studied under the tutelage of many great teachers and authors of this medicine. To mention a few: Dr. Huang Huang, Dr. Richard Tan, Tom Tam, Sharon Weizenbaum and Greta Young.
(413) 650-6876
Florence, Massachusetts 01062
Elizabeth Girard, Acupuncturist  in Northampton
“My mission at Whole Body Healing is to provide the highest level of care to each patient. To offer individualized treatment plans modified to the patient's specific needs and concerns. I promise to treat not just physical symptoms but the whole person; mind, body and spirit. Whole Body Healing provides a professional healing environment with the effective use of Traditional Chinese Medicine.
(413) 623-3017
Northampton, Massachusetts 01060
“I have practiced Acupuncture for over twenty four years. I have found it most important to hear as well as listen. I feel that I offer my patients, skill, attention, compassion, and a safe haven in which to foster the healing process.
(978) 767-4905
Beverly, Massachusetts 01915
Acupuncture of Boston at Healthy Channels, Acupuncturist  in Boston
“Angela Noelle Martin is the founder of Acupuncture of Boston at Healthy Channels. She is a Licensed Acupuncturist and Chinese Herbal Practitioner. She works frequently with patients who are dealing with fertility issues, muscular pain, depression, and digestive issues. Angela strives to tailor each of her treatments according to the needs of her clients. What makes her clinic unique is that she sees one patient per hour, so there is a fair amount of one-on-one time with her clients.
(617) 229-7294
Boston, Massachusetts 02116
Acu-4-Life Acupuncture, Acupuncturist  in Groton
“I aim to help the patient bring their body into balance. Traditional Chinese Medicine looks at the body as a whole, taking into account diet as well as the fact that there may be stress in a patient's life. I work with the patient so that they fully understand their treatment plan.
(978) 381-9954
Groton, Massachusetts 01450
Ronald Cruickshank, Acupuncturist  in Cambridge
“We are a group of holistic practitioners in a peaceful and plant-filled office near Porter Square in Cambridge. The different healing modalities complement and support each other well. Many of our clients see just one practitioner, while others enjoy the added benefit of more than one healing technique. We each have our own phone number and office procedures. Please click on the name of each practitioner for more information about that person and click on the name of the healing technique for more information about it. Please call the practitioner of your choice to set up an appointment or to ask further questions.
(617) 440-3206
Cambridge, Massachusetts 02140
Connecting Point Wellness, Acupuncturist  in Great Barrington
“At Connecting Point Wellness in Great Barrington, we offer premier Oriental Medicine which consists of Acupuncture, Chinese herbals, Moxibustion, Cupping, Gua Sha, Asian Bodywork modalities and Cosmetic Facial Rejuvenation. Our Licensed Acupuncturists work to guide you along your path to balanced health and healing in a quiet, relaxed setting. Our goal is to empower you with the innate strength available in each of us through a series of rejuvenating treatments tailored to each individual patient who enters our office. We are General Practitioners, we welcome all age groups, all levels of health, all whom strive for wellness.
(413) 342-1934
Great Barrington, Massachusetts 01230
Sharon Esdale, Acupuncturist  in Northampton
“Zusanli Acupuncture provides wholistic and compassionate care in order to promote health, balance, and vitality. Specialization includes treating digestive health, men's and women's health, emotional wellness, and pain management through the use of Acupuncture, Herbs,and Chi Nei Tsang.
(413) 241-5487
Northampton, Massachusetts 01060
Acupuncture Center of Canton, Acupuncturist  in Canton
“Jeffrey S. Wernick, Lic. Ac., LICSW is a Licensed Acupuncturist with the Massachusetts Board of Medicine and Board Certified by the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine since 1984. He is a graduate of Queens College and the New England School of Acupuncture. He has been affiliated with the Shattuck hospital Pain and Stress Clinic, Massachusetts Osteopathic Hospital, Brockton Pain Management Group, and Kushi Institute.
(781) 780-4675
Canton, Massachusetts 02021
“James D. Moran is a Licensed Acupuncturist (MA) and a Diplomate in Addiction Medicine/Certified Addiction Specialist. He is on staff at Mary Lane Hospital (Ware, MA), and serves as a Certified Acupuncture Physician at Bay State Hospital (Springfield,MA) with the Pain Management Program. Since 1985, he has had a general practice with Holistic Healthcare Services at the Belchertown Wellness Center (Belchertown, MA). He is the former developer/coordinator of Acupuncture Drug Detoxification Services at the Gandara Mental Health Center (Springfield, MA. James is a past president of the American Associaton of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine.
(413) 342-1944
Belchertown, Massachusetts 01007
Emily R Cohen, Acupuncturist  in Northampton
“I help people to reduce pain and suffering (physical and emotional) and improve the quality of their health and their lives, using acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine. I treat the whole person, helping them to come into balance. I work together with clients to help them meet their health goals. Often this includes dietary and lifestyle counseling, in addition to the acupuncture and herbs. I develop relationships of trust, caring and respect with my clients.
(413) 206-9955
Northampton, Massachusetts 01060
Amy Mager, Acupuncturist  in Northampton
“I have been practicing acupuncture and chinese medicine since 1990. I was first licensed in CA which means I was licensed as a primary care provider. At the American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine, I focussed on acute and chronic pain and chronic disease. Outside of school, I studied with midwife and acupuncturist Dr. Raven Lang and her teacher Dr. Miriam Lee. I have spent the past 20 years working with pregnancy, fertility and chronic disease. I work with patients seeing nurse midwives, home birth midwives, Reproductive Endocrinologists and MDs for pain. I am committed to supporting you.
(413) 754-4182
Northampton, Massachusetts 01060
Joyce S Schneider, Acupuncturist  in Great Barrington
“I came to study acupuncture after experiencing its healing potential as a patient many years ago. Most recently, I experienced the power of acupuncture while giving birth to my son. Since then, I have had the wonderful opportunity to offer acupuncture to induce or expedite prolonged labors. My training was in Classical Chinese Acupuncture and I studied under Jeffery Yuen in NYC. I am nationally certified (NCCAOM) and licensed in MA and CT. I treat all types of health issues including migraines, diabetes, PMS and all pain conditions. I am currently working from Dempsey Physical Therapy Office in Great Barrington.
(413) 276-4753
Great Barrington, Massachusetts 01230
Stockbridge Health Center, Acupuncturist  in Stockbridge
“I have practiced Chinese medicine since 1985. I teach Chinese medicine internationally and have written two of the primary text books used to teach Chinese medicine throughout the world.I run an online community for 3000 practitioners at My books can be seen at When first meeting with you I'll conduct a thorough diagnosis for 11/2 hours. The cost of this visit is $135. This will include taking a history, hearing your concerns, a 30 minute pulse diagnosis, spending time appraising you of my assessment, and answering questions.
(413) 376-8958
Stockbridge, Massachusetts 01262
Anthony Phillips, Acupuncturist  in Peabody
Acupuncturist, LAc
“I am in my 14th year as a licensed Acupuncturist and certified Chinese Herbalist. I see many patients with pain and orthopedic related problems as well as chronic and debilitating illnesses such as cancer, MS, irritable bowel, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, arthritis, asthma and mental health issues. I do not treat cancer directly but try to help the body with immune support as well as other ways to support each client's body as they go through cancer treatments. In addition to acupuncture, I work with my hands sometimes using Tuina chinese massage or Active Individual Stretching (AIS).
(978) 631-1475
Peabody, Massachusetts 01960
Irina Cooper, Acupuncturist  in Natick
“I use the combination of extensive knowledge of Traditional Chinese Medicine and a deep passion for healing to help my patients feel and look their best without the harsh effects and risks of the Western methods. I use various techniques and protocols to bring the patients to their optimal state of health and help them continue feeling and looking great
(617) 606-7744
Natick, Massachusetts 01760
Amy Mg Galvin, Acupuncturist  in Randolph
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Acupuncturist, LAc, DiplAc, MAOM
“My unique style of treatment after 12 years of clinical experience and 8 years of private practice has helped thousands of people reach their health goals. I work exclusively one-one with my patients through their entire visit to achieve optimum health/balance. I've assisted many people with: Infertility challenges, (enjoyed meeting many happy healthy babies), Stress and/or Anxiety, Chronic Pain, Post Stroke Recovery, pre/post Op recovery, and the list goes on. I am Board Certified, State Licensed, and a previous faculty member at The New England School of Medicine where I taught Acupuncture and Infertility.
(781) 261-0959
Randolph, Massachusetts 02368
Wendy Root, Acupuncturist  in Cambridge
Acupuncturist, LAc
“I combine Acupuncture, Chinese Herbs, Shiatsu, Massage, Cranio-Sacral Therapy, Nutrition, Energy Work, Shamanic Healing and Breath Work, creating a unique, synergistically enhanced healing experience. I am both deeply intuitive and scientifically rational; my work moves seamlessly between modalities allowing each to enhance the healing power of the other. The integration of deep structural massage, subtle energy work, and transformative breath and spirit work leaves one feeling deeply satisfied and vital.
(617) 297-8968
Cambridge, Massachusetts 02139
Jim Anderson, Acupuncturist  in Natick
“Jim Anderson, M.Ac., Lic.Ac., graduate of the New England School of Acupuncture, holds a Masters Degree in both Chinese and Japanese style Acupuncture and is licensed by the Massachusetts Board of Medicine. With twenty years spent in the health care industry, my extensive experience in the pharmaceutical world gives me insight into how physicians typically approach wellness as a reactive process. Acupuncture, which aids in preventing the body from disease while keeping it in balance, aligns with my belief that a patient should not wait until becoming dissatisfied with traditional western medicine before seeking integrative care.
(774) 901-5442
Natick, Massachusetts 01760

Acupuncture in Massachusetts (MA) - is it right for me?
Acupuncture is based on the concepts of oriental medicine or traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) and is one of the oldest healing practices in the world. Massachusetts (MA) acupuncturists are health care professionals who evaluate and treat the many conditions, aches and pains that respond to acupuncture.

Acupuncturists insert very fine acupuncture needles into a number of trigger points on your body. The purpose of the needles is to stimulate acupuncture points or meridians. The needles do not inject any substance into your body and are so fine as to be virtually impossible to feel. In some cases, acupuncture may be accompanied by electrical stimulation or the burning of moxa, a form of heat therapy. Or use acupressure, where physical pressure is applied by hand or elbow to trigger points with the aim of clearing blockages in these meridians.

'Accupuncture' and 'Accupuncturist' are common mis-spellings.
Credentials for Massachusetts (MA) licensed acupuncturists?
A licensed acupuncturist in Massachusetts (MA) needs a minimum of two years college education and must complete three years of professional training and pass the State's approved licensing examination. The three year program includes both theory and hands-on clinical practice. Most States' professional training programs are accredited by the Accreditation Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (ACAOM) and by the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM).