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Cancer Acupuncturists in Bel Air

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Healing Point Acupuncture & Healing Arts, Acupuncturist  in Columbia
“We consider time spent with patients to be a great blessing and take a keen interest in each person and their unique situation and experience. We founded Healing Point Acupuncture and Healing Arts with locations both at the Medical Pavilion at the Howard County General Hospital, and in the Historic Codd Building in Severna Park, Maryland. We welcome patients with a variety of symptoms and issues.
(410) 964-9100 x3
Columbia, Maryland 21044
S. Hunter Thompson, Acupuncturist  in Columbia
“My practice is a general Five Element acupuncture practice. I specifically work with pain management, fertility, addictions, and emotional issues. I am well versed in many aspects of general health and work with preventive medicine. I also work with gender identity concerns. My practice includes all ages from babies through the elderly. Because each person is unique his or her treatment is designed specifically for that individual. Acupuncture needles are about the thickness of one human hair and relatively painless. In addition, moxa may be used to warm the acupuncture point before needle treatment.
(443) 965-9162
Columbia, Maryland 21046
Warren M Morganstein, Acupuncturist  in Baltimore
“My training in acupuncture at both the UCLA Medical School/HMI Medical Acupuncture for Physicians program and the Tai Sophia Institute for the Healing Arts has provided me a unique synthesis of Eastern and Western approaches to health and wellness. My experience as a health provider, administrator and educator at the University of Maryland for more than 40 years and as a clinical faculty preceptor in the HMI/UCLA Medical School Medical Acupuncture for Physicians program for the last 16 years has given me the opportunity to teach and practice in a variety of health care settings.
(410) 497-6358
Baltimore, Maryland 21209
Lydia Wainwright, Acupuncturist  in Annapolis
“Is pain keeping you from living your life? I specialize in helping people relieve their chronic pain, let me help you feel better. With over 11 years experience, even the "hardest cases" can be helped with acupuncture. We will cover everything in your life and we will find all the ways we can improve your way of being. You may even be surprised about what acupuncture can do for you!
(443) 345-5587
Annapolis, Maryland 21401
Rachel S Strass, Acupuncturist  in Severna Park
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Acupuncturist, MAc, MOM, LAc, DiplOM, NCCAOM
“I am here to support you in creating a life that reflects what is true for you. Beyond simple symptom relief, I aim for vitality. I treat the underlying causes of disease along with symptoms. With regular treatment, you may feel more in control of your life, stay well even when others get sick, increase your vitality and stamina, improve your overall outlook, and recover more fully from injury, surgery, and illness. Life is a beautiful thing when you feel like yourself.
(410) 941-8731
Severna Park, Maryland 21146
Edgewater Acupuncture, Acupuncturist  in Edgewater
“We believe acupuncture should be affordable to as many people as possible. That is why we treat on a sliding scale of $15-$35 with a one time $10 paperwork fee for new patients. (no income verification!) We have 2 convenient locations in Howard (Columbia) and Anne Arundel county (Edgewater).
(443) 396-3750
Edgewater, Maryland 21037
Maryland Holistics, Acupuncturist  in Silver Spring
“My mission is to provide an extraordinary level of care for you, as a whole person. I use acupuncture, energy healing, and meditation to create a gentle, yet powerful shift in your experience of life ~ your experience of being alive. You'll feel lighter, more energized, more peaceful, and more well-rested. Often my new patients call to request help with a specific symptom or health concern. Perhaps it is stress-relief, back pain, neck pain, fertility, hot flashes, fibromyalgia, a running injury, cancer care, emotional health, or maybe some rare illness that nobody seems to understand.
(301) 588-5858
Silver Spring, Maryland 20910
Zhisong Chen, Acupuncturist  in Potomac
“I specialize in management of pain, allergy, infertility, side effects of cancer chemo-radiotherapy, and more. I received my O.M.D. from Beijing University of Chinese Medicine in 1995, completed my residency in the First Hospital of Guangxi University of Chinese Medicine in 1997 and my fellowship in Chinese and Western Integrative Medicine in Guang'anmen Hospital, China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences in 2000. I have been the Director of the Outpatient Department in Haidian Hospital of Chinese Medicine, Beijing, China, and a Senior Lecturer at the Institute of Chinese Medical Studies, Singapore.
(301) 637-6418
Potomac, Maryland 20854
Megan Gordon-Hall, Acupuncturist  in Crownsville
“I am experienced in treating acute and chronic pain issues related to Lyme disease, fibromyalgia, cancer treatments and degenerative diseases and sports injuries. I recognizes the profound effect that pain has on mood, sleep and nutrition and utilizes acupuncture to support the individual through these difficulties. I am nationally board certified by the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM). I have been a practicing acupuncturist for more than a decade and have a Masters Degree in Acupuncture from Maryland University of Integrative Health.
(410) 697-5009
Crownsville, Maryland 21032
Grant Guoqiang Zhang, Acupuncturist  in Ellicott City
“I have been extensively trained at undergraduate and graduate levels in the field of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and modern science. I have been active in many TCM research projects; among them are the acupuncture on osteoarthritis, and infertility. I have held various faculty/researcher positions at many academic institutes including, Shanghai University of TCM, Maryland Institute of TCM, Johns Hopkins Medical School, and currently, the University of Maryland School of Medicine. I am a contributing author to two books on TCM. In addition, I have also authored many papers published on peer-reviewed professional journals.
(410) 997-3691
Ellicott City, Maryland 21042
Gang Peng, Acupuncturist  in Bethesda
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Acupuncturist, CMD, PhD, LAc
“I graduated from Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine 1982 (Bachelor of Medicine) and practice acupuncture in Rockville and Bethesda, Maryland. I also do acupuncture at National Institutes of Health as a member of pain and palliative care team. My main interests have been on pain management, sport injury, inflammation (such as arthritis, tendonitis, gastrointestinal problems) and neurological diseases (essential tremor, Parkinson's disease, dementia and ADHD). I am also an immunologist researching on inflammatory and infectious diseases. I was NIH research fellow and has a Ph.D. in biochemistry (Wayne State University 1992).
(301) 531-5876
Bethesda, Maryland 20814
East-West Acupuncture and Herbal Center LLC., Acupuncturist  in Silver Spring
“Young W. Lee, Ph.D, L.Ac, Dip.Ac. C.M.D. "Founder of East-West Acupuncture & Herbal Center. LLC" "Trained in China " "30 Years Of Quality Clinical Experience" Dr.Lee has ever studied Acupuncture and Herbs in Beijing, Tianjin and Shanghai in China.
(301) 852-7105
Silver Spring, Maryland 20904
Evergreen Acupuncture & Herbs, Acupuncturist  in Rockville
“Chinese Medical Doctor Guorong Du graduated from Hubei University of Chinese Medicine of China in 1983, and has been practicing Chinese medicine since then. She had practiced as principal doctor of Chinese medicine for 15 years from 1983 to 1998 at Wuhan Commercial Hospital in China that provides multiple functions with 500 beds. Her experience in the hospital included: clinical services, hospital wards, medical consultant and training instructions.
(301) 703-9051
Rockville, Maryland 20850
Holly Liu, Acupuncturist  in Rockville
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Acupuncturist, LAc, OMD, CMD
“Dr. Holly Liu is the creator of Chinese-MD in Rockville Town Center. This is a new group of Chinese doctors and specialists who provide a wide array of alternative medical services. Dr. Liu is a highly regarded doctor of medicine from China. At age 16 she obtained a Primary Physician Diploma in Western Medicine. At 21, she had obtained her medical degree in Western Medicine and completed a 3 year residency at a major Chinese General Hospital. Later she obtained her Traditional Chinese Medical degree.
(240) 844-3032
Rockville, Maryland 20850
Laura Coleson-Schreur, Acupuncturist  in Baltimore
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Acupuncturist, RN, MPH, MAc, LAc, DiplAc
“I have 30 years experience in health and medicine as a Nurse, researcher, program director in Public Health, and as a practicing Acupuncturist for 15 years. I feel that all illness is due to stress: physical, chemical, and emotional stress. Acupuncture and Chinese Herbs have the ability to mitigate the effects of all those stressors, to some extent. I have seen the simple beauty of this medicine work wonders on a myriad of issues. I also know it's limitations and will refer to others as needed. The point is to live life well and I am here to help!
(410) 928-7312
Baltimore, Maryland 21209
Gail Yvonne Bozzella, Acupuncturist  in Bowie
“I am a Maryland State Board licensed acupuncturist with a Master's of Acupuncture degree and extensive post-graduate training. Five element acupuncture treats the whole body, not just the symptoms. After an extensive diagnostic evaluation, I will design a unique treatment plan that will bring you back into good health and greatly boost your vitality. My clients rediscover how to completely relax during the treatment, which allows the body to heal. If you prefer, I have alternative methods such as cupping, acupressure and gua sha. I currently offer free phone or email consultations and look forward to hearing from you.
(240) 681-9972
Bowie, Maryland 20715
Wei Z Zhao, Acupuncturist  in Gaithersburg
“Wei Zhao is a Chinese Physician having practiced Acupuncture, herb and Internal Medicine in Shanghai since 1988. She offers free initial consultation. Her clinic has therapeutic herbal liquid foot spa. Her mission is to educate people, alleviate their pain and motivate them to achieve better health and balance in their lives. Color illustrations of human anatomy are used to help patients understand their problems. Wei Zhao graduated from Shanghai Medical School and is a recognized Acupuncturist by NCCAOM. Her strong medical knowledge, experience, integrity and caring personality makes her practice safe and efficient.
(301) 233-6131
Gaithersburg, Maryland 20878
Janice Campbell, Acupuncturist  in Baltimore
“My goal is to empower you to remember what you already know about yourself, your body, and how to heal. In short, help you feel better - body, mind, & spirit. Whether you are suffering from physical pain, emotional upset, chronic or acute, I treat the whole person, not just the disease or illness. My patient population includes retired & active military and their families, entrepreneurs, postal workers, artists, cultural creatives, lawyers, executives, the GLBT community, and anyone ready to live into his/her best self, regardless of what life presents.
(410) 497-6839
Baltimore, Maryland 21201
Stephanie Mwangaza Brown, Acupuncturist  in Silver Spring
“Stephanie Mwangaza Brown, L.Ac., is a Traditional Five Element Acupuncturist. She has been involved in complementary and alternative health practices for over 20 years. Mwangaza is a licensed acupuncturist, a certified color therapist, an acupressure therapist, and a Reiki Master. She has a Bachelors Degree in Mathematics from the University of Maryland, a Masters degree in Acupuncture from Tai Sophia Institute for the Healing Arts. Part of her practice is dedicated to treating our wounded warriors where she focuses on pain management and the healing of trauma. She is licensed to practice in the state of Maryland.
(202) 559-4248
Silver Spring, Maryland 20910
Lili He, Acupuncturist  in Eldersburg
“I was trained in China as a Traditional Chinese Doctor. After gradution, I started my practice at China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences in Beijing, where I was mentored by the topnotch Chinese doctors.I practiced both Chinese medicine,including acupuncture and Chinese herbs as well as Western medicine in China. I had been working for China Academy of Chinese Medical Scieces for over 10 years before I came to the United States. I started my acupuncture practice here in Eldersburg, MD in 2006. Before that, I had worked for the Johns Hopkins for 3 years. I am natoinal board certified (NCCAOM) and Licensed in Maryland State.
(410) 695-6790
Eldersburg, Maryland 21784

Cancer Acupuncturists
If you're looking for acupuncture cancer in Bel Air, acupuncture for cancer Bel Air or for a Bel Air cancer acupuncturist these professionals provide acupuncture cancer treatment, cancer treatment, cancer therapy, breast cancer therapy, cancer therapies. They include cancer acupuncture Bel Air or acupuncture Bel Air cancer, and cancer acupuncturists. They can help with selecting oncologists and oncology physicians and advice on how to deal with cancer.

Acupuncture in Bel Air - is it right for me?
Acupuncture is based on the concepts of oriental medicine or traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) and is one of the oldest healing practices in the world. Bel Air acupuncturists are health care professionals who evaluate and treat the many conditions, aches and pains that respond to acupuncture.

Acupuncturists insert very fine acupuncture needles into a number of trigger points on your body. The purpose of the needles is to stimulate acupuncture points or meridians. The needles do not inject any substance into your body and are so fine as to be virtually impossible to feel. In some cases, acupuncture may be accompanied by electrical stimulation or the burning of moxa, a form of heat therapy. Or use acupressure, where physical pressure is applied by hand or elbow to trigger points with the aim of clearing blockages in these meridians.

'Accupuncture' and 'Accupuncturist' are common mis-spellings.