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Acupuncturists in Washington (WA)

"Specializing in reproductive health, orthopedic recovery and care, sports medicine and pain management. "I emphasize the need to educate and offer patients alternative care and treatment for many difficult issues without adding additional drugs or narcotics." Diplomat of Acupuncture and board certified by the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine, a licensed as Massage Practitioner and founder of A Better Way Massage and Acupuncture, a Rehabilitation and Medical Massage clinic in Ferndale, WA, and co-founder and acupuncturist of Bellwether Medical Acupuncture and Massage, a Medical Acupuncture clinic located in the beautiful Bellwether area in Bellingham, WA."
Acupuncturist, LAc, EAMP, LMP
"I am a practitioner of Chinese medicine, a certified craniosacral therapist, and a certified yoga instructor. I offer acupuncture & craniosacral sessions for adults, children, and infants. I am passionate about providing sensitive and effective acupuncture and craniosacral treatments to the Seattle community. My acupuncture and bodywork practice highlights my extensive background in craniosacral work, which is a gentle yet powerful modality stemming from the manual therapy tradition of Osteopathy. I typically use craniosacral work to treat issues such as TMJ dysfunction, headaches, whiplash, sinus problems, or low-back pain. In infants, I often treat torticollis, colic, and breastfeeding problems."
Acupuncturist, MA, ND, DipAc, LAc
"Dr. Kitaeff was the first Western graduate of Meiji College of Oriental Medicine in Japan, a member of the first graduating class of naturopathic physicians from Bastyr University in Seattle, and the first acupuncturist or naturopathic physician to be appointed to the staff of a hospital in the Northwest. He was a co-founder and director of a major acupuncture college and the Washington state acupuncture association. He lectures internationally and has published articles and book chapters in journals and textbooks on natural medicine. For 27 years, he has owned and directed a Seattle area natural medicine center with 10 practitioners."
"John Frostad LAc. 14 years of experience in providing acupuncture and Chinese herbal care for injuries, illnesses, and health maintenance. Free in-office consultations. All major insurances accepted. Schedule on-line now."
"I specialize in Women’s Health, Pregnancy, and Pain Management but also treat a variety of other conditions such as Insomnia, Stress, Anxiety and Digestive Disorders. I love to work with people of all ages, and help them bring their bodies back into balance through acupuncture, diet & lifestyle changes."
"I welcome people from all walks of life and in all conditions into my clinic, and truly enjoy helping anyone who desires better health and greater well-being. My clientele is almost 50/50 male-female, ranging from young, busy professionals to retirees looking to stay healthy and active. I see a lot of pain conditions and will spend the time it takes to release major trigger points and get great results. Just as rewarding, though, is helping patients dealing with emotional challenges such as depression, anxiety, stress, and addiction. I aim to serve and would love to meet you!"
Acupuncturist, LAc, RN, MSOM, DiplAc
"I have thirty years of healthcare experience as an Acupuncturist,Oriental Medicine practitioner, and Registered nurse. My background in healthcare is diverse as I have had a great deal of experience working within many healthcare clinical environments. My practice focuses on the management of chronic pain, gastro-intestinal complaints, allergy elimination, infertility, menopausal syndromes, PMS, and the management of peripheral neuropathy. I perform acupuncture, electro-acupuncture, cupping, guasha, targeted massage, as well as utilize myofacial release techniques to obtain optimal results.Herbal therapies are available if needed, requested, and appropriate. I work primarily with adults and teenagers."
"Seattle Acupuncture Wellness Center has been serving greater Seattle, Northgate, Shoreline, Ballard, Fremont and North Seattle area over the last 10 years. We are conveniently located on Northgate area right by Northgate Mall and just north of Seattle Public library (Northgate Branch). We provide expert care in a warm, caring and professional environment. We aim to provide our clients with great results that will eliminate pain and other health concerns. Additionally, we aim to help clients to reduce stress, improve their nutrition awareness and maintain balanced health and wellness."
"Injuries, neck pain, back pain, sciatica, headaches, and menopausal related hot flashing are my main areas of focus. I am board certified in both acupuncture and herbal medicine through the NCCAOM."
"Many Paths Acupuncture is dedicated to the accumulation of knowledge, the alleviation of suffering, and the cultivation of compassion and loving kindness."
"Hope for living a fulfilling life is often fleeting for those living with chronic anxiety or pain on a daily basis- but I want you to leave your acupuncture session with more hope as you feel the subtle and powerful shift that occurs in your body. As your symptoms improve with each session, you will find that you are feeling more like yourself, and with a new energy and clarity for life."
Acupuncturist, MSAOM, LAc, EAMP
"My focus and passion as an Acupuncturist is to effectively increase your quality of life. Whether I am giving you a tune up, helping you with any chronic or acute issue, working with your other practitioners towards better health, or am the last option you would have considered, I am committed to help you achieve the results you need. I welcome any issue you may be experiencing, as my focus is to treat the person as a whole and not symptomatically."
"My passion is to help people; period. If you are still suffering after having seen two or three or four other specialists then it's time you tried something different in order to get a different result. If you have a nerve, disc or muscular issue please call immediately so one of our staff can assess your situation and make a recommendation. We are here to help you! If you're willing to take action and do something different then everything can change for you."
"In my practice, with the blending of Asian Body work, Five Element and Traditional Chinese Medicine/Acupuncture, I will strive to bring your being in balance and harmony to your Body, Mind, and Spirit. I specialize in pain management for acute trauma and chronic injuries, physical and emotional fatigue, women's health and issues of aging, including Facial Rejuvenation."
"Chinese medicine is a massive edifice,one which was built with painstaking observation,practice, and skill. It is a body of wisdom that has accumulated over the millennia through the work of thousands of practitioners. I've been drawn to it because of its holistic approach that mind and body cannot be separated.My ideal patient is one that is as curious about health as I am and is willing to make positive changes towards maintaining or regaining health."
"I was trained in China. I have been practiced Chinese Medicine for more 30 years. I believe that everybody have their own healing power. The goal of my practice is to help your body to heal and reach the maximum benefit of health both in physically and mentally. for more information please visit my website:"
Acupuncturist, DAOM, LAc, EANP
"Are you looking for a way of reviving your body's natural balance? Would you like to live a healthier, more pain-free life? William Duarte is trained in the ancient arts that have been trusted by societies for years. He will integrate the body, mind, and spirit, so you live and feel better. After your sessions are completed, you will experience a total rejuvenation of your health. Before you go through drastic measures and expensive and invasive surgical treatments, come in today and see how our natural healing methods can help. We look forward to working with you."
"As a licensed acupuncture practitioner and Chinese herbalist, my primary specialties are: anxiety & depression, pain management, and Women's health."
"I work with individuals who are struggling with pain, depression, anxiety, and chronic illness and would like help feeling comfortable in their bodies and regain a sense of aliveness. By correcting biochemical imbalances, improving digestive health and detoxification processes, and teaching people how to access their own bodily knowing, I assist patients in their recovery from drug abuse, alcoholism and dependence on prescribed medication. I have options for folks who are wanting alternatives to anti-depressants and pain relief medications."
"I am happy to working at Queen Anne Natural Health. Acupuncture is very beneficial for reducing stress, alleviating pain and general health including digestion, emotional balance and overall well being."